Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thrifty finds

Here are a few recent finds from my favorite Goodwill store. The airplane picture was 2.00, it looks great in the boy's camo room. The butterfly pictures were 1.59 each, haven't decided where I'll put those yet. The little yellow owl dish was a steal at .49...for some reason I just have a thing for owls now. I'm using it by my kitchen sink as a little soap/scrubbie dish. And, how could I pass up this funky monkey lamp! He was only 2.90. I'll need to find a shade...but, isn't he cute? I also found a Dunlop tennis racket for 1.59. It's purple and pink so Shelby loved it, it'll be great for the kids to play around with. And, for .50, a Lois Lowry book called 'The Giver'. It won a Newberry Medal and I thought Shelby would like to read it. Another Lowry book, 'Number the Stars' is one of Shelby's favorites. Pretty good day at the Goodwill store!