Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Reviw - Unlikely Allies

What do a successful Connecticut businessman, a French playwright, and a sometime spy (and possible cross-dresser) for the French king have in common? They were all instrumental in helping America to win the American Revolution. Although they are not well-known in the retelling of history, these three colorful characters were directly involved with securing French support during the American Revolution, as well as smuggling much-needed weapons and supplies to the American army. Unlikely Allies by Joel Richard Paul is the true story of how the American Revolution was really won; a behind-the-scenes tale full of espionage, deception, and double-crossing.

I love reading and learning about American history, especially the time period of the American Revolution. This book was full of suspense and surprises. For example, some of the Founding Fathers were not exactly what I expected them to be. I didn't realize that Benjamin Franklin was fond of pursuing much younger women; or, that John Adams was considered "obnoxious" and "unpopular". It was also great reading about other known personalities, such as Benedict Arnold, and how he led the charge which would give the Americans victory at Saratoga. Unlikely Allies is a great read, entertaining and informative. It definitely gives a lot of new insight into the history of the American Revolution.