Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Movie Trailer Tuesday - Never Forever

From Netflix:
This heartbreaking drama, a 2006 Sundance Film Festival entry, stars Vera Farmiga as Sophie, a woman utterly devoted to her husband. But when she's unable to get pregnant, she makes an odd but decisive choice to bring a third person, a Korean immigrant (Jung-woo Ha), into their marriage. It's a fateful decision that soon threatens to tear the couple apart and drive Sophie to the brink of total despair.

I've been a fan of Vera Farmiga ever since seeing her in The Departed. She does a wonderful job in this film, playing the desparate and tormented wife, Sophie. It's a slow-paced movie but very powerful and moving. And, while the ending was somewhat unexpected, it was beautiful nonetheless.

Rated R for many scenes of nudity and sexuality.