Friday, March 19, 2010

That's My Boy! - Parts 2 & 3

You probably have to be a Swag Bucks user (a.k.a. Swaggernut) or Twitter-user to fully appreciate the humor in these little comments that were made by my youngest son, Zachary (age 9)....

The other morning he woke up a little early and decided to play a computer game before getting ready for school. I was still dozing in my bed (I might have mentioned before that I am NOT a morning person, so it's not uncommon for my kids to get out of bed before I do). Suddenly, he came running into my room to wake me up. He was really excited when he said, "I just won you 2 Swag Bucks!"

(yes, my kids are all aware of my eager attempts to earn Swag Bucks)


Yesterday we were at the baseball park where my 11 yr. old son was having practice. Zachary and I were sitting on the sidelines when a lady walked by on her way to another field. She is an acquaintance of mine, but, Zachary didn't know who she was. She and I said hello and spoke for just a few minutes. After she left, Zachary asked me, "is she one of your Twitter friends?"



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