Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Bad Puppy Is Still Bad

It's been awhile since I talked our new puppy, Piper. She is now about six months old and I must admit, I still have a love-hate relationship with her...most of the time I strongly dislike her and only every once in awhile I like her (mostly when she is sleeping).

She continues to be hyper and bitey/nippy. The potty training is going okay for the most part, just a few rare accidents here and there. The worst thing about Piper is her destructive nature. I guess that's just part of being a puppy, but she wants to chew on EVERYTHING. I swear, I think she is part beaver the way she can gnaw something down in seconds. We cannot let her out of our sight for more than a few seconds. It's so much work! She will chew just about anything - socks and rocks from our fireplace are among her favorites.

Here are a few pics of things she's chewed and chomped on around the house:

a table leg
a chair leg 
the wooden columns in our foyer
this is the living room carpet where she has chewed all the way down to the backing
I really want to love this dog and have her become a part of our family. But, so far, it just hasn't happened. My husband is furious over all the chewing and is about ready to kick her outside or even find her a new home. She just recently figured out that she can squeeze under our fence and so she's gotten out twice already and took off to the neighbors houses. I'm so scared that she will sneak out and get hit by a car if we leave her in the back yard unattended.
Wish us luck that she will get her act together soon and lose some of those bad puppy behaviors.
Have you ever had a really bad puppy? Any tips or advice?


Jenners said...

Oh dear. This is upsetting. Have you tried sprays that taste bad? It is supposed to discourage them from chewing. Romeo chewed up quite a bit of stuff before he stopped so it should happen at some point. Did you talk to your vet? Do they have suggestions? Does she get enough exercise? I hope you can work through this and keep her. Good luck.

JustPam said...

Call you SPCA and see if they have suggestions.