Tuesday, October 13, 2015

8 Fun Mugs on Etsy

I'm a big fan of coffee and hot tea. I literally can't wait to wake up each morning because I know I get coffee; it helps me get my day going (I take mine black and extra extra hot!). If I start to feel like I'm dragging or wanting a snack throughout the day or I'm feeling a little under the weather, a cup of hot tea always helps.

There's nothing better than enjoying my coffee or tea in a cute and fun mug. I also think mugs make great gifts. Pick a mug, add a bag of coffee or tea and a pretty coaster or spoon (or book or socks or whatever that individual might like) and WAH-LAH...the perfect, easy gift for just about anyone.

Etsy has lots of cool mugs to choose from and I really love supporting the handmade artisan community. I was browsing around recently and thought I would share a few of my favorites...

1. Matte black but first coffee - Printable Wisdom $24.00 (this could be my mantra and matte black is so in)

2. Coffee Books & Rain - Eva Design Studio (duh! 3 of my fave things; love the large bold text)

3. Tea-Rex - Lenny Mud $16.00 (seriously, how funny is this!)
* Lenny Mud is generously offering a discount to her Etsy shop thru Oct. 31 - simply use coupon code ALAS3LADS at checkout *

4. Rise and Shine - FoxyMug $15.00 (the gold text really pops & gives it a touch of glam)

5. Messy Hair Don't Care - Love & Lace Blvd $15.00 (the metallic pattern is so unique & pretty)

6. Drink Coffee Take Naps - Southern Spruce $18.00 (so sweet & that REALLY is all I want to do)

7. Oh For Fox Sake - BrieCreate $15.00 (so, so clever)

8. Be Merry - Mugsleys $13.00 (had to pick a Christmas mug; love that you can customize handle color)

Aren't they all so much fun! Which is your favorite? 

photos c/o the above mentioned Etsy sellers