Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Gift Idea

One of my favorite etsy shops is Jenn Gee!. I have recommended her before, but, wanted to do so again now that Christmas shopping time is here. She makes the most adorable coffee corsets ever! They are very well-made, and there are so many great fabric designs and themes to choose from. I have bought several for myself and use them all the time. Last year, I gave them as teacher gifts and I'll be doing the same again this year. Tie one on a Starbucks cup (or other disposable coffee cup), put some tissue paper in the cup, along with a Starbucks gift card and wah-lah! The perfect gift. Check out her shop and I know you will love her coffee corsets as much as I do. (Photos are from JennGee! etsy shop and used with owner's permission)


Growin' with it! said...

i'm new to your blog and as a coffee this is some serious bling! cute idea!

Daniela said...

Lovin the coffee cozies, but I really wanted to ask you a question. Are you enjoying the twilight series books? Everyone one is talking about them and I noticed you've read a few. They are real popular on Amazon's kindle list, but haven't downloaded them yet. I thought they were kids books. What do you think?

Daniela said...

oh my gosh Kari, I love my Kindle. As a matter of fact, I just bought the first twilight book and it was on my kindle in about 30 seconds. I'll start reading it tonight. Since you read so much, maybe you should ask Santa for one.