Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Scoop

50. New Moon  -  11.20.09Image by ฿lαcĸouт14* via Flickr

Guess what I now have in my hot little hands?...4 tickets for next month's midnight premier of New Moon! My friend and I took our daughters (age 13) to see the midnight premier of Twilight when it came out, starting a fun tradition for us. When we saw Twilight, they were so excited that we let them go to a midnight movie on a school night. We definitely earned some "cool mom" brownie points. This year, however, even though they are excited to go to another midnight movie premier, they have informed us they will not be sitting with us in the theater. Uh...okay.

Our 16 yr. old son has his first real job! A "nationally-known grocery store chain" is building a new store just minutes from our home. He started training this week. Yippee! I'm excited for him and anxious that he will have the opportunity to start practicing some money-management skills, as, up until now, it has usually burned holes in his pockets;o)

My daughter's class had to do an 80's project - they were put into groups and had to make up some type of performance based on a song from the 1980's (they could sing, dance, act...whatever). After everyone did their performances, my daughter was telling me a little about them. She was going on about how one boy was obsessed with Billy Joel and that his performance was "so lame." I said "Oh, I love Billy Joel, he's good." She replied, "yeah, but you're old!" Are you starting to see what it's like living with a 13 yr. old girl?

I have now surpassed 400 posts on my blog! That's quite a feat, at least I think so anyway. To celebrate, I'll be posting another round of Movie Trivia along with a giveaway. I hope to get the post up later today, so be sure and come back soon. Everyone who plays along will be entered in a giveaway for a $25 Visa Gift Card - (U.S. residents only for the giveaway)


blueviolet said...

My son's first job was at a grocery store too! LOL

Jenners said...

So tell the truth ... are you really going to New Moon for you or to be a cool mom/chaperone? In other words, you would go even if there was no daughter right?