Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Trailer Tuesday - The Family Stone

Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing some movies that I love to watch around the holidays.

From Netflix:

Although their relationship works in the city, things begin to fall apart for buttoned-up Manhattanites Everett (Dermot Mulroney) and Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) when they visit the suburbs for the holidays to stay with Everett's family. Sarah's first meeting with Everett's parents (Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson) proves so traumatic that she calls in her sister (Claire Danes) for backup -- a move that only makes Christmas more complicated.

Big families who are all in each other's business and act a little crazy are right up my alley. I love this movie!


blueviolet said...

Yes, I love this movie!

Debbie said...

I haven't seen this one. Thanks for the tip.

septembermom said...

I always wanted to see this one.