Friday, December 17, 2010

My Bah-Humbug For The Day

I love Christmas! I love the decorations, the yummy treats, the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, the Christmas music, etc. But, there is one thing that gets under my skin...the cheesy jewelry store commercials on tv. I don't know why but it just bugs me that they portray these doe-eyed women who practically burst into tears because their guy has given them a gift of jewelry. It's like these women's lives are now complete because they've been handed a pretty sparkly necklace. Or earrings. The big strong man has saved the day and now the lady must be eternally grateful, staring at him with her big, teary eyes and practically foaming at the mouth.

Ok, I know that sounds really lame but that's how I feel. Maybe I'm just bitter because I've never been lavished with gifts of gold, diamonds, or other precious stones. I just wish for once, they would use a different formula for their commercial - something other than "guy surprises woman with jewelry gift and woman fawns all over him for it."

And, that is my Bah-Humbug for the day!


Martha said...

Oh my GAH. Zuddy and I hate those commercials, too! I told Zuddy I'd slap him if he ever spent good money on those ugly things!

septembermom said...

I'm with you on this one! What about when people give each other a new Lexus with a big bow on it?

Stacy P. said...

My husband and I always laugh because we say that secretly the girl is thinking "hey, you went to some crap store to get me some piece of junk i didn't really want in the first place." then we figure the girl breaks up with him soon after. that's how we get through the mush. :)

loved your list. made me laugh about the ocd stuff. my car isn't the cleanest (the 3 little ones are MESSY), but my house, if I can help it, stays neat.

glad i found you on the link up- thanks for stopping by my little site!