Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 Reasons Why I Can't Wait For Winter To Arrive

It's no secret that summer is my least favorite season. I'm just not a hot-weather person. Give me gray skies, briskly cold temperatures, and snowflakes any day! Here are 7 reasons why I can't wait for winter to arrive:

1) I can't wait to wear my cute Sorel snow boots that I bought last year from (I even enjoy shoveling snow, for a little while anyway)

2) I want to lay on the couch and cuddle in front of the fireplace with my family while we watch Jeopardy on tv.

3) So I can enjoy this yummy Caramel Apple Spice drink from Starbucks (I know they serve it year round but it's strictly a "winter weather drink" to me). YUMMY!

4) I can start Christmas shopping. YAY!

5) It will get dark earlier. I know, I know...most people hate this, but, I love when it starts getting dark early.

6) Snow. I love to watch it snow. It's so peaceful and pretty. I also love the crunching sound made when you walk on snow.

7) Mittens. I'm currently obsessed with finding some cute new mittens to wear. If only I knew how to knit!

Which do you prefer? Summer or Winter?



Anonymous said...

Summer! Hands down. I love most of the things you love about winter; the peaceful snow, the yummy spiced drinks, warm fires and wrapping presents. I just hate the COLD! And I freeze. Especially my feet.

Pina said...

Summer! I can be outside with as little clothing as possible, investigating the surrounding of my home or any other place in my country.
There's not much happening in the winter here and moving around with layers of clothes is not much fun. Though, I like the landscape covered by fresh snow and I like chilly and cloudless days.

Linda: By the Book said...

Winter! Florida is humid and full of...bugs. There's only so much swimming I can take. And I miss the snow! It just "slushies" when it's cold. Plus I love waking up cuddled up next to someone. Christmas shopping is fun too, don't tell my boyfriend. :)

Elz said...

I used to say Summer. But, I am DONE with summer. I feel like I'm about the burst into flames at any moment.

septembermom said...

I know how you love Christmas shopping!!

I'm looking forward to Autumn leaves here in NY.