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Deadly Disclosures by Julie Cave - Special Deal When Purchased January 15-31

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Meet Dinah Harris, the sarcastic and brilliant heroine of the Dinah Harris mystery trilogy, for only .99 cents this month! From January 15th - 31st, you can get your copy of Deadly Disclosures at a promotional rate of .99 cents! This includes digital copies available for the Kindle, Nook, and iPad. To get your copy at this special price visit any of these fine retailers:

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Remember, this promotion will last January 15-31 only, so make sure to act fast!

Deadly Disclosures is the first book in a trilogy by author Julie Cave. It's a Christian fiction murder mystery that revolves around Washington D.C. FBI agent, Dinah Harris. Dinah was once a brilliant investigator at the top of her game in the Bureau. But after some very unfortunate circumstances lead to her fall from grace, she is now resigned to an instructor's position - teaching the new incoming agents.

When a high profile case with possible political implications comes up, Dinah is recruited to be part of the investigative team. But Dinah is secretly battling the demons of depression and alcoholism. Can she hold it together and handle the pressure of this case?

Dinah and her partner race to discover who would want to kidnap and murder Thomas Whitfield, the prominent Secretary of the Smithsonian. Their investigation leads them into a world of powerful people. A world where academia, science, atheism, and Christian faith play huge roles. Is it possible that Whitfield's faith somehow played a role in his death? The theme of evolution versus creation is relevant to this story.

My Thoughts:
This is not my usual genre of book to read. However, I was immediately drawn to the story from page one. Dinah is such a troubled character, struggling just to get through each day. I found myself rooting for her to get it together and pull herself out of the dark hole she was in. I like how the author didn't immediately reveal all of the circumstances that led to Dinah's breakdown. Bits and pieces of her story are divulged, little by little, which keep you guessing as to what actually happened to her. That really kept me on my toes and made me feel like I was doing some detective work of my own. There was plenty of suspense and plot twists which also kept the story interesting. It was an easy story to follow, yet not predictable.

I thoroughly enjoyed Deadly Disclosures (a little to my surprise since I normally do not read murder mysteries or Christian fiction). I'm looking forward to reading the second and third books in this series - The Shadowed Mind and Pieces Of Light. Dinah is a gritty, tough character that makes for a very complex heroine. I can't wait to see what's in store for her next!

If you are interested in reading Deadly Disclosures, don't forget to use the above links for the special January pricing. To learn more about the author and her work, visit Julie Cave's website.

I received free copies of the Dinah Harris Mystery trilogy books from the author to facilitate this review. All opinions stated here are 100% my own.