Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Is It That?...

There are some things that I've been wondering about lately.

Why is it that?...

1) some people are just so uncomfortably awkward to talk to on the telephone?

2) my kids could stay out of sight in their rooms for hours, playing XBox or watching tv, but the second I need to go use the bathroom, one of them is yelling for me?

3) I can never remember to take my shopping list to the grocery?

4) my 11 and 13 year old sons can be so smelly sometimes?

5) when I'm on Pinterest I feel super-stylish, crafty, and healthy then later realize that I'm not so much?

6) I have champagne taste and a beer budget?

7) I can only sleep curled up on my sides, thus causing premature wrinkling of my decollete area?

How about you? What have you been wondering about lately?