Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What The Heck Are Brogues and Why Should I Want Some?

I admit I may not be the most fashion-savvy gal around. But, I do like to think that I'm somewhat up on popular and current trends. After all, one of my greatest past times is pouring over the latest fashion magazines and watching reruns of Project Runway. And, don't even get me started about how much I love gazing at all the gorgeous outfit ensembles on Polyvore and Pinterest. That's got to give me at least a teensy bit of street cred, right?

So, I was a little befuddled the other day when I saw the term "brogues" on one of those above-mentioned glossy fashion mag covers. "What are brogues?" I asked myself, and "do I need some?"

After turning to my handy-dandy friend, the internet, I found the answer from Wikipedia:

The Brogue is a style of low-heeled shoe or boot traditionally characterized by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations (or "brogueing") and serration along the pieces' visible edges. Modern brogues trace their roots to a rudimentary shoe originating in Scotland and Ireland that was constructed using untanned hide with perforations that allowed water to drain from the shoes when the wearer crossed wet terrain such as a bog. Brogues were traditionally considered to be outdoor or country footwear not otherwise appropriate for casual or business occasions, but brogues are now considered appropriate in most contexts. Brogues are most commonly found in one of four toe cap styles (full or "wingtip", semi-, quarter and longwing) and four closure styles (oxford, derby, ghillie, and monk). Today, in addition to their typical form of sturdy leather shoes or boots, brogues may also take the form of business dress shoes, sneakers, high-heeled women's shoes, or any other shoe form that utilizes or evokes the multi-piece construction and perforated, serrated piece edges characteristic of brogues.

Men's Brogue

Oh, that's what they are! I have normally referred to this type of shoe as simply an "oxford" or "saddle shoe". Anyhow, the point of the story is that the brogue is supposed to be a hot fashion item this fall. I decided to do some online window shopping and see what I could find in the way of brogues for women. Here are a few that I like (although some are definitely over my budget). Let me know what you think...

Joan & David Theora in Dark Brown 89.99 at 6pm.com

Sesto Meucci Agata 126.99 at 6pm.com

Dr. Martens Sita 3-Tie Brogue in Ceramic Blue 107.99 at Zappos.com

Miista Kane Heel Brogue 69.95 at FreePeople.com

Arletta by Born 89.99 at Piperlime

Burberry Leather Brogue Ballerina in Tangerine 181.99 at Zappos Couture

While I was searching, I realized that there are, indeed, many different styles of brogues. Flat heels, wedge heels, boots, neutrals, bright colors, and patterns...I think they're all pretty hot! But, can I pull off wearing them? And, what do I wear them with? Here's a great article I found that describes the best ways to wear brogues.

And, on a side note...here's a photo that was in my phone. I took it of my daughter last year. Look what she's wearing;o) Pretty cute, don't ya think?