Wednesday, August 15, 2012

21 Easy Things You Can Do To Relieve Stress

Feeling a little down as summer comes to an end? The back-to-school rush got you feeling frazzled? Or, do you just feel like you need a quick infusion of happiness to recharge as you head into fall?

Well, here are 21 easy little things you can do to de-stress...

1) Fly a paper airplane
2) Sing out loud while driving in your car
3) Wink at someone
4) Take 90 seconds to skip around the house with your kids
5) Go tv-free for an entire day
6) Compliment a stranger
7) Eat breakfast for dinner
8) Ask your significant other for a dance
9) Play with a puppy
10) Say "I Love You" to someone
11) Tell a silly joke
12) Paint your nails a bright funky color
13) Start your morning with a prayer
14) Chew some bubble gum and blow giant bubbles
15) Laugh at yourself
16) Eat a hot fudge sundae with lots of sprinkles
17) Meditate
18) Whistle while you work
19) Stop whatever you are doing and take a 20 minute walk
20) Stop whatever you are doing and take a 20 minute nap
21) Go outside at night and gaze at the stars

What other quick and easy things would you add to this list? Please share...



Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Breakfast for dinner makes me happy every time!