Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fire Drill Fail

So, I think we need to seriously brush up on our fire drill preparedness or else I need to confiscate my teenage daughter's earbuds.
Here's what happened...

Last night around 11:30 pm I was laying in bed watching tv. My husband was at work - he is a firefighter and was working a 24 hour shift at the firehouse. The kids were still awake but in their rooms doing their own thing. Suddenly, all of the smoke alarms in our house started blaring! This freaked me out and I immediately jumped out of bed to go investigate.

At about the same time, I met up with my boys who had also run out of their room to investigate. We didn't see or smell any obvious signs of fire so we continued to search for the cause of the alarm.

Next, we enter my 16 year old daughter's room. She is sitting at her computer desk, earbuds in her ears OBLIVIOUS TO THE BLARING SMOKE ALARMS! Oblivious. As in she really did not hear them.

She did not even realize smoke alarms were going off! And, they were so loud!

On the other side of her room, there was a candle burning. The flame had gotten too big and the candle was smoking slightly, thus, causing smoke alarms to go off. Which my daughter DID NOT HEAR because of the stupid earbuds in her ears and the loud music she was listening to.

Well, this is just a big ol fire drill fail. My husband, THE FIREFIGHTER, will be so unhappy to hear about this.

I think we definitely need to brush up on our fire drill preparedness AND confiscate my teenage daughter's earbuds.

Do you have teens who constantly have earbuds or headphones on? It's so frustrating!