Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Movie Trailer Tuesday - A Bag of Hammers

A Bag of Hammers is another one of those quirky little movies that I love so much. It turned out to be a very sweet and heartwarming story.

Alan and Ben are best friends who just aren't ready to grow up and lead respectable lives. They spend their days scheming and conning to make a living, without giving much of a second thought to their criminal behavior. Only when they start to form a relationship with a new neighbor's young son do they begin to look at their lives a little differently. A good movie that I really enjoyed. If you watch it, be sure and stay tuned in because the story continues even after the closing credits are rolling.

If you are a fan of NBC's Parenthood, you will be happy to see Jason Ritter as one of the main characters.

Rated NR - there is some language and mature subject matter.