Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Piper!

Our puppy, Piper, has reached the milestone of her first birthday (at least we think she has...she was adopted from our local shelter so we are not 100% sure of her actual birth date). Anyway, it was a rough start as she didn't fit right into our family. But, I'm happy to report that she has finally settled down and most of her bad puppy behaviors are past us now. Her worst habit, which we are still working on, is that she gets super-excited and jumpy whenever a guest or someone new arrives at our house.

While she can be very sweet, she is still sometimes a little stand-offish and often looks at us like we are complete strangers. She has the quirkiest habits. One being that she acts like a cat. She stealthily sneaks up on you and brushes up against your legs - like a cat. She will suddenly and randomly pounce on you - like a cat. She will stare at you but as soon as you speak to her or pay attention to her, she immediately dismisses you, as if you are a complete bother. She LOVES to sleep and lounge on the tops of our couches/chairs. Piper is just a unique character.

Happy Birthday, Piper!