Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are You a Glass "Half-Full" or "Half-Empty" Person?

"The glass is half full" and "the glass is half empty" - I'm sure you've heard those sayings before. But, which one of them fits you?

I have to admit, I'm more of "the glass is half empty" kind of gal. This drives my husband crazy - he says that I am too pessimistic and negative and he thinks I shouldn't be that way. He subscribes to "the glass is half full" notion.

It's not that I'm all doom-and-gloom and negativity - I'm certainly not. "The glass is half empty" to me means I'm just more accepting to any challenges or bumps in the road that may arise. It is not that I automatically expect bad things to happen or want them to happen, but I realize that they could and do happen. This gives me a feeling of comfort and more control over handling these bumps in the road. I tend to have a very analytical personality, wanting to be rational and in control at all times. I think the "glass half empty" just goes along with that. Maybe it's not the best way to look at things but it helps me minimize the stress in my life. It helps me to feel ready for whatever may come.

Does that make sense?

Which saying best describes your personality? How do you handle bumps in the road?


Amiyrah Martin said...

I'm a glass half full gal but only after I changed my mindset. When I turned 30, I realized that life was too short to be pessimistic all the time.

Crissy said...

I go back and forth, really. Typically I'm glass half full I guess, or at least, I try to be.

Amanda @ Mommy of Two Little Monkeys said...

I'm usually a glass half full kind of girl, looking at things with opportunity to make things better, make improvements to reach my goals.


I also go back and forth depending on how smooth life is going. If we have a lot of good things happening, I'm like "Wow, the glass is SO FULL!" but when it is just trial after trial after trial, it eventually wears me down and I get a bit negative and start focusing on those. Something I need to work on.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I make myself be a half full girl....I just have to be or everything just gets too hard.