Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Movie Trailer Tuesday - 10 Years

Welcome to "Movie Trailer Tuesday - my weekly blog feature where I share movie/dvd recommendations by posting a quick blurb and movie trailer for you to check out. 

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A 10-year reunion brings together a group of high school friends. Most of them have went their separate ways and not seen one another in many years. They spend the night catching up and reliving old memories - some of which are a little awkward and unpleasant.

I actually loved this movie. The plot doesn't really go anywhere other than showing us all of these different characters and personalities and giving us a peek into their lives (or at least the lives they decide to portray for the reunion). There's a nice ensemble cast of actors including Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, and Justin Long, just to name a few.

Rated PG-13 (I kind of thought it could be an R rating) for language, alcohol abuse, some sexual material and drug use.



Justin Knight said...

Sounds like a good movie. Did your enjoyment have anything to do with Channing Tatum? I do believe my wife would enjoy this movie if for no other purpose than to gawk at him!

sunnymum said...

Sounds interesting, although I typically dislike flashback and montage shows and movies.