Monday, May 23, 2016

Cool Finds For A Day At The Pool

It's already the latter part of May and we have not yet been able to open our pool due to so many rainy days. I'm someone who actually enjoys rainy days (most of the time) but I think I've had my fill for awhile and I'm now ready for some clear & sunny, warm days.

Our third-born, Connor, will be graduating high school at the beginning of June and we will be hosting a graduation party at our home - so we have lots of work to do to get the pool and backyard ready and in tip-top shape. Today was the first time that we had decent weather and the guys spent most of the day working outside. One step closer to some fun, family time playing in the pool!

Here are a few cool finds that are perfect for your next pool day...

1. Party Bug Beach Towel - Pottery Barn Teen $19
2. GoFloats Inflatable Palm Island 3-Pack Drink Holder - Amazon $10.29
3. Tropical Beach Tote - Target $14.99
4. Goddess Garden Organics Sport Natural Sunscreen - $3.99-14.99
5. Flonuts Pineapple Inflatable Donut - Amazon $35
6. Ombre Dot Yarn Dyed Jacquard Velour Beach Towel - Bed, Bath, and Beyond $9.99