Thursday, September 18, 2008

Proud Parents

School is finally back in session today, after being cancelled for the past three days due to all the power outages in our area. We had a nice little break (especially since our power was on), but, we're all ready to get back in the school routine. Our third-born child, Connor, is in the 5th grade. I just have to brag on him a little. Yesterday we received a postcard from his teacher. Here's what it said:

"Connor is such a fun kid to have in class! He is the perfect combination of traits in a boy; he's kind, funny, charming, hard-working, and just rowdy-enough to keep things interesting. Truly, I do think that he is an amazing kid, and I would be very proud if my own boys were to be like Connor when they're in 5th grade. I hope they are."

How nice is that? To hear someone be so complimentary of your child. We are so proud of Connor (we've always known he can be a little charmer when he wants to be). I even choked up a bit when I read the note. Definitely a proud parent moment!


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