Monday, October 13, 2008

The post where I'm whining

My trip to Baltimore with my husband was postponed. However, I did go on the overnight field trip with my son. Here's a few things I learned from said field trip:

1. Chaperoning three 5th grade boys was a lot of work. Seriously, they were constantly on the go, they wanted to touch EVERYTHING, they were loud, and every other conversation involved either "girls" or "farting".

2. Sitting in the back of a school bus during a 50 minute drive on a narrow, winding, two-lane road was not good for back or my motion sickness. I was so carsick!

3. Even though it's fun to travel, see new places, and learn about history, I'm really a homebody. I prefer to be at home with my family, using my own bathroom, sleeping in my own bed....

4. I totally have a new appreciation for teachers. There is no way I could have the patience to do their job every day.

It was a neat trip, though. I always enjoy visiting our state capitol and I love to learn about history. I will try to share pictures soon. Also, my cold is still lurking around - stuffy head, cough. And, now I'm also having back problems. My left leg has been bothering me off and on for a couple months now. I hated to go to the doctor, it just seemed like such a sporadic, non-specific kind of complaint. But, last week, my mid back on my left side started hurting as well. It's bad enough that I can't ignore it, so, I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday. Sorry to be whiny, but, I'm just feeling tired and yucky.


JILL said...

Maybe you need a good strong Rx to kick that nasty cold. And I so feel for you on the motion sickness. I am so bad, I can't even SWING at the park. God bless you for being the chaperone!