Monday, June 1, 2009

Tell Me Your Ideas

I need your ideas, people! More specifically, I need tips or suggestions on what to do with all the 10,000 pieces of crap artwork, writing, report cards, and recognition certificates that my kids will be bringing home from school this week. In the past, I have pretty much just shoved everything in a box which then gets shoved into my closet. Bad mom! Seriously, I would like a better (but easy) way to organize them. What do you do with all of the school papers that your children bring home? Do you store everything by year? By kid?


Daniela said...

OH my stars I forgot all about that stuff they bring home on the last day of school.

I would get those plastic bins that you can get from Home Depot or Walmart. Get one for each child and in permanent marker just write their name on the lid. This, of course, takes up alot of room, but if you have a garage or basement maybe you can store them in there.

I used to cram all that stuff in a closet I wish I had been mroe organized back then. Oh well..I always have grandkids crap to organize..haha.

Let us know what you come up with.

News Around The Blogs said...

You can scan everything and make them into a photbook with shutterfly!

Heather said...

I feel absolutely terrible. My 5th grader just brought home a bag full of crap and he asked if I wanted to keep a picture of a scarecrow, and I said no just pitch it. But it was just a scarecrow...that got trashed along with a ton of other stuff. I'd go with the tubs that someone else suggested. Or the scanning to make a book idea is good too. ????

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Okay, so now that my kids are grown, this is what I did. Originally, everything got shoved into a draw and at the end of the school year, it got dumped into a box and took up residence in my closet. I got three large plastic containers (see thru) with will need more. Put each of their names on the containers and went through the many boxes picking out things that I thought I would need to was less than you would think. Then I called the kids in to go through the boxes themselves and choose what they wanted to keep in their containers. They spent an hour going through, chatting and reminising and in the end, saved a few pictures and reports. I saved all of the awards. The containers now live in their closets and are theirs to do what they would like.