Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random Talk

  • If you haven't entered my giveaway, go here for the details. I'm giving away a bottle of Mark/Avon Citrus Bloom fragrance - it's my new favorite summer scent. A random winner will be chosen tomorrow.

  • I'm totally kicking myself! Awhile back, I found a quilt at Target that I loved and wanted to get for my boys' twin beds (they share a room). The quilt was around $79.99 so I decided to play the Target waiting game and wait for it to get marked down. Several weeks later, lo and behold, my Target had the quilt marked down to 39.99, but, they only had one twin sized quilt left. I bought it and went to a couple other Targets to find another twin size. At all the other Targets I went to, they were still marked regular price, so, I gambled and played the waiting game again. Fast forward a couple more weeks... I've been to 3 Targets and I CANNOT FIND THE QUILT AT ALL! I'm so mad at myself for not buying the other one sooner. It used to be available online and now it's not even showing up there either.

  • I've probably said it before and I'm going to say it again - Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows on tv. If you have not watched this show, I urge you to check it out. You can see recent episodes on or check out previous seasons on DVD. The show is about high school football in Texas and centers around the coach, his family and players. I can't say enough about it, and I don't even like football!

  • Tuesday night my friend and I, along with our daughters, will be going to the midnight opening of the Eclipse movie. It's become a tradition for us to go to the midnight openings of the Twilight saga movies. I can't wait!

  • With the BlogHer Conference coming up, I'm starting to see more and more chatter about it around blogland and on twitter. Oh, I would love to go! But, I wouldn't have the first clue what to do or what to expect. I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who feels this way. Next year, I think there should be some kind of BlogHer Big Sister program where an experienced BlogHer-attendee adopts a newbie and takes them along to show them the ropes. What do you think? Sounds like a great idea to me. So, if any of you expereinced BlogHer Conference people happen to be reading this, I would love to work with you to make this happen;o))


blueviolet said...

This will be my first year at BlogHer and I'm a little scared, but I went to a smaller conference first last September. That's what makes me ok with this one. That and the fact I know my roommates. :)

You can do it!!!!

Jenners said...

Well, that Target waiting game doesn't always work out but sometimes it does. Keep looking ... it might show up again someday!

And I want to see Eclipse ... I thought it was the best book of the four!

ElisaC said...

Actually we're considering a sort of veteran/newbie mentoring program as you describe for next year. We've talked about it often, but now we have someone who has volunteered to help manage it, so we may actually give it a try for 2011!

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