Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 Random Links That I Have Bookmarked

Sometimes I get bookmarking crazy. What I mean by this is I'll come across a site or article that interests me, but I don't have time to thoroughly check it out right then, so I bookmark it into my Favorites list. Before I know it, my Favorites list is out of control and I never end up going back to actually view those sites that interested me in the first place. Tonight, I decided to delve into my never-ending list of Favorites and see what's there and share some of them with you. Maybe there will be something that peaks your interest, too. Here are 10 of my totally random bookmarked links:

1.   Ever Considered a Roving Dinner Party?  - I always thought this sounded like such a fun idea. I think I was researching it and considering doing this with some neighbors.

2.   List of Great Book Recommendations from Flashlight Worthy - such a vast list!

3.   Adorable, free holiday labels from orange you lucky!

4.   10 Healing Herbs Used In Teas

5.   Free Menu Planning Forms from the project girl

6.   10 Google Video Documentaries You Have To Watch - this is something I REALLY wanted to check out and I forgot all about it because it was buried so deep in my Favorites list

7.   15 Unusual and Creative Bus Stops - I love quirky stuff like this!

8.   Crock Pot Chicken Recipes - I really need to use my crock pot more often

9.   Some Interesting Facts About Iceland

10. Winter Weather Safety