Monday, February 27, 2012

More Randomness

*Yet again, another cruise ship mishap. Reason #474 why I will never set foot on a cruise ship. And, why you could not pay me to travel to Mexico. Muy dangeroso!

*I went to the mall this weekend. Twice. Friday night we had to get our boys fitted for tuxes for a wedding this spring. And, on Sunday I went with my daughter for a little quality girl-time. I am super excited because I finally bought myself some new prescription sunglasses (it's been 10 years since my last pair, seriously!). And, I had been looking at this shirt on but ended up buying it at the brick & mortar for $6 less. I don't normally shop at Old Navy so I'm not familiar with their sizing. But, I was able to buy this shirt one size smaller than I normally wear. Woot woot! That's gotta make a girl feel good. Aaaand, I am totally in love with these adorable mini candles from Bath and Body Works. The peach bellini and coco lobo are my faves. So cute and yummy smelling!

*Another interesting thing we saw at the mall...Sugar Gliders. Have you heard of these little pocket-sized animals? I had not. There was a group set up in the center of the mall, showing off these creatures and telling you what good pets they make. Uhhhh, I guess they had really cute little faces but they were too rodent-y for me. I don't care for any of those kinds of things - hamsters, gerbils, mice - they all creep me out. But, these sugar gliders apparently like to hang out and snuggle up in your pocket (ewww!), are supposed to be good companions for the handicapped, and usually get along with most other pets. If I could get over the ickyness of having them in my pocket and running up and down my arms, then I guess I could maybe see the fascination with the little guys.

*My sweet dog, Emma, is having her 2nd surgery on Thursday. You may remember that she fell and injured both her back knees in late September. The right was surgically repaired at that time but we had to wait a few months to do the left (for her to recover and to save up the money for the 2nd surgery GAH!). We decided to have her hair cut really short prior to this surgery just to make things easier. She's going to be off her feet for a couple weeks and with her long skirts it would just be a matted mess. She's going to look pitiful! Wish us luck for her care and recovery.

*Gas is around $3.57 around here. Just curious, how much is it in your area?

*Something really, really huge and important happened to us this month....we totally paid off all our credit card debt!!! YAAY! It's been something that's been hanging over us for years and a major thorn in our side. My husband has been doing some extra contracting work over the past few months (working his bu** off - traveling, loooong hours, working outside in extreme conditions with brutal deadlines, etc.) which made it all possible. He is awesome! And, we are so thankful!

*We are going to Florida for vacation this summer. Something we haven't been able to do for several years. So, I am now scrambling to lose some weight before I have to put on a bathing suit. Scary! Interfering with my diet plans are those 8 boxes of Girl Scout cookies I ordered. How to keep myself from eating them?...hmmm

*What is the correct term for those little dots that I so love to know, those dots....right there? I can't help myself. Everything I say seems to require the pause of those little dots.

Your turn...tell me something random going on in your life right now.



Pina said...

Gas is 6,93$ over here in Slovenia and it is even more expensive in other parts of Europe, so it is still quite cheap where you live. Lucky you!

I suggest you give away those boxes of cookies. Someone will be happy now and you will be happy on your vacation in Florida. :)