Friday, August 3, 2007


1. I believe in God
2. I'm a conservative republican
3. I buy way too many magazines
4. I am a night owl
5. Before becoming a SAHM, I was a registered nurse
6. I am shy
7. I love rainy, cloudy days
8. I'm the youngest of four kids
9. I've had the same best friend for 33 years - we went to kindergarten together
10.Being in or around deep water is one of my biggest fears
11.I have never mowed the grass
12.If I could have any career I wanted, I would be an artist or photographer
13.I color my hair
14.I am very ticklish
15.I love Bare Escentuals makeup
16.I do not ride roller coasters
17.I love dogs
18.I'm very technologically (is that even a word?) challenged
19.I watch Fox News all the time
20.I am somewhat clumsy



Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm just randomly flipping through the blogs and yours came up. We sound a lot alike! I recently started a blog, too, and am enjoying looking for a variety of things to post about our family. Have fun with your site and keep inspired!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Goodness we are alike!
I am the youngest of 4 and have three Fox...christian conservative and live in Ky.!!! Right near the Tn. border which is Clarksville, Tn.(our backyard is in Tn.!)I will need your address to send your prize :)