Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photos, photos, and more photos

Here are some various photos I've been meaning to share....

Me, Bruce, and our three youngest, dressed in Kentucky Wildcat blue on the day of the big UK vs. UL football game (I'm totally NOT into football, just go along to the party for the friends and food, LOL!)

My good friend and I, along with our daughters, recently spent the day in Louisville - we went to a local art fair, toured a historic home, walked around looking at all the gorgeous homes, and even went on a ghost walking tour in downtown Louisville. These are just a couple of the beautiful old houses that are so prevalent in old Louisville.

This is part of the staircase in the historic home that we toured, Conrad-Caldwell House. The woodwork throughout the house is all original and so stunning.

With my son's 5th grade class, we went to Shaker Hill in Kentucky. It's so pretty and peaceful and it was very interesting learning about the Shakers.

Also on the field trip, we went to Fort Harrod, which was the first permanent settlement of what would eventually become Kentucky. This tree is located on the grounds - it's huge and wildly shaped. The kids had a blast climbing all over it.

We visited the gravesite of Daniel Boone and his wife, Rebecca

This is the Kentucky Supreme Court

And, the capitol building in Frankfort, Kentucky

Thanks for looking!



Pina said...

Oh, it seems that you had a wonderful trip. I like learning about history too and visiting 'old' places. It is real fun! Thanks for sharing those nice pictures.

Daniela said...

How fun. My favorite kind of vacation. I love touring those old houses and museums. Believe it or not though I have never been to the Biltmore House, and I've lived in Asheville for 27 years. Isn't that the way it always is? My son was in Louisville KY a couple of weeks ago where he KILLED at a cross country meet.

Oh, I almost forgot. Flat Stanley never arrived. I wanted to let you know in case they were mailed and you were wondering what happened. Anyway, have a great night. Talk to ya soon.


Daddy Forever said...

I should get my family to wear Oregon State orange on Saturdays. Too bad we don't have orange clothes to wear. Maybe I should snag them on clearance after Halloween is over.