Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's On Your Nightstand? (January)

I constantly seem to have stacks and stacks of "to-be-reads" lying around everywhere - on my nightstand, in my bedroom armoire, on my closet shelf....it's a sickness, I think. But, the stack on my bedside table includes the books that I really want to tackle now and/or in the very immediate future. Here's what's on my nightstand at this time:

The Matchmaker of Perigord by Julia Stuart - About a French barber who suddenly finds that the people of his small village are no longer needing his services. He decides to make a drastic career change and become the town matchmaker, with not-so-successful results.

Cupid & Diana by Christina Bartolomeo - A 30-something woman wrestles with saving her vintage-clothing store, dealing with her family, and choosing between two very different Mr. Rights.

A Little Change of Face by Lauren Baratz-Logsted - All her life, things have come easy to pretty girl, Scarlett. But, even so, she has yet to find true love. So she sets out to have a little change of face; new look, new name, new job. She works on being dowdy and plain. Will she find someone who loves her for her or will it be a huge mistake.

What are you reading now? For more "What's On Your Nightstand" click here.


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Ooo...I haven't heard of any of those books. They sound good, though. I'm off to see if the Barber book is at my library.

Thanks for joining us this month.(I'm one of the reviewers).