Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home Office Inspiration

Our basement is unfinished, with the exception of one room - my oldest son's bedroom. Eventually, we hope to have a large family room/recreation area, an entry-way/foyer area, a bathroom, a small workout room, and a home office/craft room. I love to browse around on the internet for design and decorating ideas. Even though it will be a while before we complete the basement, I like to keep a folder of inspirational pictures that I've come across. We are doing all of the work ourselves, a little at a time, as money allows. Here are a few of my favorite home office designs that I wanted to share:

Right now, I'm leaning toward using dark pink in our home office. I'm just crazy about the colors and wallpaper in this room. These little pink-cushioned stools are calling my name!
~photo from Country Living Jan.2009

Although we won't be able to have a brick wall in our basement, I still love this design. It's so cool and I like the contrast of the white furniture pieces with the mixed prints of the rug, stool, and window treatments. And, the huge inspiration board/bulletin board is really an idea I want to use.
~photo from At Home with Chris Madden

This is one of my favorites. It's simple, bright, and cheery. And, again, I love the pink wallpaper. We haven't used wallpaper in years, it's such a hassle to remove and I thought that it was not considered the "in" thing to do anymore. But, it seems that I'm seeing wallpaper more and more these days. I will consider it for our office, at least maybe on one wall.
~photo from

I like the green walls and the cute little chair here. And, the cabinetry is great. My husband is a wonderful carpenter, so we could definitely incorporate some of this into our own home office.
~photo from

Another simple little design - I love the pale wood floors with the dark navy colored walls.
~photo by

Another favorite! This is just so pretty and elegant. I love the black desk and the white chair (although I'm not sure if a white chair would be very practical for us). And, the chandelier is gorgeous!
~photo from


Jillian, Inc said...

I keep design idea folders, too. We are in the process of redoing our office (hubby works from home) and the ideal place for a desk is facing a long wall, and he doesn't want to face the wall. Soooo...... I'm struggling a bit with the layout. We got a black desk from Ballard Design. I don't have any other black furniture in my house so I'm excited about a color scheme with black.