Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Update

We are home after the surgery today. The doctor felt like it went very well and he said it is his expectation that my son will return to his normal vision. That was great news! Still, there is a posibility he may need to wear a contact in the injured eye. We will have to wait about six months to know for sure. My son is feeling pretty miserable - a lot of discomfort from the actual procedure, and really uncomfortable because he has to keep his head down. The doctor insisted that it's extremely critical in his recovery that he keeps his head down for 10-14 days (he said once an hour, he can raise his head and stretch, but otherwise, it's head down at all times). You can imagine how hard this is for anyone, let alone a 15 yr. old boy. I know he's going to have a hard time with this and start to feel grumpy and depressed. We're back at the dr. first thing in the morning for a post-op check and to remove the eye bandage. This is frustrating - I wish they would have just let him stay overnight at the hospital, but, I guess insurance doesn't cover that. Seems like you are pushed out the hospital door practically as soon as you get there. Also, he will be missing a few weeks of school. I'm anxious to meet with his counselor to find out how that will all work out. Anyway, I'm sure it will be a difficult night. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. It means a lot to me!


Blicky Kitty said...

Just stopped in from SITS to hear how it went. Sounds like it will be a tough recovery but great news about recovering his vision!

I remember my younger brother going through that when he was younger and his vision is great now -- actually better than mine. :)

I'll keep him in my prayers.


Pina said...

I keep fingers crossed that his sight will be alright soon again. I think this is one of most important gifts we have.

Double Dipped Sweets said...

Oh, wow. Good Luck and lots of prayers sent your way!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I feel for both you and your son Kari. Does he have an ipod to listen to while he has to keep his head down? The upside is that kids heal quickly...your family will stay in my thoughts.
♥, Susan