Monday, October 11, 2010

I Need To Know

I have a strange question for you guys that I really hope someone can help me out with....does anyone have a pet rabbit? My 14 yr. old daughter desperately wants one for Christmas and I need to know what all is involved in caring for them. I'm a huge dog-lover, but other pets - not so much! My daughter thinks bunnies are all cute and fluffy and sweet. I think they just remind me of a giant rodent. UGH!

So, if anyone has experience as pet rabbit owner, please give me all the details. I need to know all about them. Are they nice/mean, do they stink, what do they eat/drink, etc. Thanks!


blueviolet said...

I've never had a pet at all! I wonder if you googled a bit if you could find a forum or something.

~dab said...

We had one as a kid, and my best friend in college had one. The cute wears off very quickly.

Be warned, they pee and poop EVERYWHERE, and if you let them roam the house they'll eat through the wiring, baseboards, chair legs, small toys... you get the picture. Maybe go to a pet store or like a Petsmart and talk to them.

septembermom said...

My best friend's daughter has a pet rabbit. I'll send her a note and email you with what she has to say.

Keri said...

My Niece had one for a while. Her name is Nicole and her blog is at You should ask her.

How are you? I just popped in to say hi and have a peek around your world. You blog is really great. So glad we've connected. I'm off to read more. Keri