Sunday, October 24, 2010

TenMarks Online Math Program For Kids - Review

TenMarks is an online math program for grades 3-10 that helps kids learn and practice math concepts at their own pace. Each child receives a personalized curriculum that covers the core math skills that are pertinent to your child's age/grade. The lessons are presented as online worksheets that are assigned weekly (or more often if you wish). Each worksheet contains a small group of multiple choice questions. If the child needs help with a particular concept, they can click on the hint option or watch a quick video lesson. There are practice and test options and as kids work through the program, they are rewarded by gaining access to games. Parents can use the report card section to track their child's progress. There are also certificates of mastery that you can print out when a child successfully completes various concepts. You can join TenMarks for only $10 per month and you have the option to try it out for free first.

We were given the opportunity to try out TenMarks and have been using the program with our 4th grade son. Math is not his strongest subject so I was anxious to see if TenMarks would be helpful for him. First of all, I love that the lessons are fairly short and to the point. His worksheets contain only 10 questions each, which is great because he is able to stay focused and not lose interest. He can work through each concept pretty quickly and then move one. This is a nice motivator for him and helps him to not become overwhelmed or feel like it's "too much work". He also likes that he is working toward something because at certain points along the way, he gets to unlock new games to play. I appreciate the report card section. It lets me see details about his progress - the dates he completed each worksheet, his scores, how many hints were used for each lesson, etc. This is helpful because it gives a clear picture of where his strengths are and where he might need some extra practice. I have been very happy with the TenMarks program and feel like it's a quick and easy way for my son to practice and brush up on his math skills.

Here is some more information about the program from the TenMarks website:

TenMarks Education was founded by entrepreneurial parents searching for a better way to help students achieve their potential in math, and supplement and enrich their classroom learning. Founders, Andrew Joseph and Rohit Agarwal saw an opportunity to leverage the internet to help meet the challenges parents and teachers face when trying to advance math achievement, given the unique learning needs of every child, and their resistance to practice or learn new concepts. Students, parents and teachers often struggle to find a way to supplement classroom math instruction that is effective, convenient and affordable, and will actually be used by students.

Andrew and Rohit knew that in order to reach and engage students, they would need to leverage technology and media in a way that is consistent with how they interact with information everyday. The TenMarks team worked closely with experienced educators and technologists to develop a method that allows students to practice and learn math in an intuitive way, receive hints and video instructions exactly when they need it, and provide results that are personalized andrelevant. The result is an approach that motivates the students, builds confidence, and advances achievement.

For more information and/or to sign up for the program, visit TenMarks

TenMarks provided free program access for us to try out with our son. No other compensation was received besides the free program access. All opinions are my own.