Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Movie Trailer Tuesday - The Forsyte Saga Series 1 and Series 2

Here's what I've been watching from Netflix. It's a BBC miniseries consisting of Series 1 and Series 2 (5 discs total). Wonderful period piece that is full of drama, passion, love, hate, lies and secrets. I didn't want it to end!

From Netflix

Series 1: An epic television miniseries, this BBC production is a literary adaptation that follows the Victorian pride of the Forsyte family through the scandals and mistakes of the patriarch, Soames (Damian Lewis). His ways change when he sees his cherished daughter grow up to be a captivating young woman (Emma Griffiths Malin) who carries on the family pride. Based on James Galworthy's Nobel Prize-winning novel.

Series 2: The adaptation of John Galsworthy's fabled Forsyte family continues with the next generation. Fleur (Emma Griffiths Malin), the daughter of Soames (Damian Lewis) and Annette (Beatriz Batarda), and Jon (Lee Williams), the son of Irene (Gina McKee) and Jolyon (Rupert Graves), first met as youngsters. Ten years later, they reunite and fall completely, disastrously in love, as the privileged Forsyte saga unfolds amid the fun and turmoil of the 1920s.

It's listed as a TV-PG rating. There are a few instances of sexuality, therefore, I would not let my children under 16 watch. Just my personal opinion.