Saturday, April 9, 2011

Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers is a cool company that makes customized Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 controllers. They start with brand new sealed Microsoft controllers and customize them with programming modifications, aesthetic modifications like Evil D-Pad and Evil Sticks (which improve comfort and accuracy for the player), imaging patterns such as Pink Camo and Red Skullz, as well as offering an entire line of accessible controllers for gamers with disabilities. They also offer gamers the option to send in queries for custom made controllers unique to them.

The standard accessible controllers include:
  • Righty and Lefty controllers, inspired by war veterans missing a limb, where buttons have been moved on the front and back of the controller to enable a player to game with one hand
  • Sensitive buttons, which allow for games who cannot exert as much force to play based more on touch instead of strength
  • Thumb stick click modifications, which allow for the thumb stick click option to be moved to other areas of the controller, since that is very difficult for gamers with limited mobility to be able to do

Evil Controllers also offers more custom controllers, which can be built for those with specific disabilities. For example, they sawed a controller in half to make a split controller for a gamer who could not move his hands inward; therefore, they made the Xbox 360 controller into two pieces so he could use them separately at a comfortable location. They also designed a controller for professional quadriplegic gamer who operates the controller they built him with his upper and lower lip, cheek, and jaw.

The Lefty

The Split Controller

Check out the Evil Controllers website for more information.

Evil Controllers provided me with information used in this post. I received no compensation of any type for posting.


DanniiBeauty said...

My son loves his xbox. I like the picture of the pink one, what a fun design.