Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Question Friday

I'm linking up for Five Question Friday. If you would like to participate, click the link and join the fun! Each Friday you will get a set of 5 questions to answer on your own blog. You can link up and then visit the other participants - a fun way to get to know some new bloggy friends!


1. What is your next home improvement goal? - To landscape our back yard. We put in a pool last summer but didn't really get to do any landscaping of the back yard or pool deck. It's so expensive!

2. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be? No religious texts (ie Bible, Quran, Torah, etc, etc)... - There are a ton of books that I love, but choosing just one to read for the rest of my life could get old. I would pick something like Grimm's Fairy Tales - it's a nice collection of stories and was one of my favorites when I was little.

3. What is on top of your refrigerator? - A fly swatter (and probably some dust!)

4. What are your favorite or most used phone apps? - Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. I also use Flixster a lot (to see movie trailers and check theater times), my Dictionary app and our local news channel weather app.

5. What's the one thing you hate most about your spouses job? - It can be dangerous - he is a firefighter. He is frequently on rooftops and rushing in to burning buildings. He loves it but I try not to think about how dangerous it can be.


Anonymous said...

stopping by from 5QF, wow a firefighter is a scary job, he's a true hero.
I think we all have dust on our fridges :( yeah, I use flixter too, just not as much as the other many to choose from.