Tuesday, August 5, 2014

august 5th - A Special Memory #BEDAoutmumbered


Today's prompt in the Blog Every Day in August challenge is to share a special memory. If you would like to join in, visit Outmumbered for all the details.

It's funny which memories opt to stand out in my mind. There are things I can remember from when I was a little girl. But, then I cannot remember something that happened yesterday or all of the items I need to pick up at the grocery store. My husband makes fun of me because lately I seem to be having an extra difficult time remembering things. I will start to tell him something and he will have to remind me that I told him that same exact story earlier.

My dad passed away several years ago from lung cancer. He was healthy all his life until one day he was not - he was diagnosed with lung cancer and was gone only eight months later. I miss him all the time.

My dad was an avid bluegrass music fan and played the fiddle. Growing up, I can remember going along with my parents to their friends' house so they could play music. There were many late nights that I can remember being so tired and sleepy and just wanting to go home, but the men were still jamming and playing music. At home, my dad would always practice his fiddle in the bathroom with the door shut (he claimed it made for good acoustics or something like that). I have never particularly been a fan of bluegrass music, but, to this day, when I hear fiddle music it takes me right back to my dad playing and almost always brings tears to my eyes. I can hear his music, hear his voice, and see the expression on his face while he played.

On my recent trip to Ireland, we visited a pub where some local musicians were performing folk music. One of them was playing the fiddle and upon hearing it, it hit me so hard I almost had to leave the room because I was about to break down and cry. I think that will forever be the case...when I hear fiddle music, I will immediately feel connected to my dad.


liquoriceuk said...

Beautiful memories - my dad played the piano and when I hear similar music to what he would play, it takes me right back and makes me miss him even more. Memories like these can be so bittersweet x

internetbrunette said...

Such lovely memories are often associated with music. I found that after my grandad died I couldn't listen to "Danny Boy" or "Shenandoah" without welling up. There are so many good times that spring to mind with these things that I try not to get bogged down by sadness, but fondly remember instead. Beautiful post
Laura x

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I love your memory, though. I love that you have that memory every time you hear the music. Thanks for sharing!

Nicola Fraser said...

Although I don't know how it feels to lose a parent. I hope at some point instead of tears when you here the fiddle you will smile and remember the good times. Sorry for your lose.
See you tomorrow x
Nikki x