Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Autumn inspiration and my dog has lost it!

I love autumn! I've just been looking around online trying to get some inspiration for autumn/Halloweeen decorating. Here's a couple things I've found so far that really strike my fancy:

These glitter pumpkins look so pretty and very easy to make; found them at MarthaStewart.com

This Autumn in the Country Cookbook from Gooseberry Patch looks great! This site has tons of fun items, check it out.

I want to pick up some Halloween pillows for my black bench that's in our foyer. This cute pumpkin pillow is for sale on etsy. And, how cute is this one, also for sale on etsy.

Fun, fun, fun....I can't wait for Halloween. Now, onto another topic -- our dog. I think she's really lost it;o) Let me explain. Last weekend, the kids and I went to a flea market. My 14 yr. old son bought one of those laser pointer light thingys...you know what I'm talking about? You point it and it shines a little red light. Anyway, he thought this would be a fun little gadget and it was only 1.25 so he bought it. On the package it says "pets love to play with the laser light" so when we came home, he tried it out on Emma, our aierdale terrier. He shined the light on the floor and started moving it around...she immediately spotted it and started chasing the light. Well, we all got a big kick out of this. She is a big dog but she was moving so fast, back and forth, chasing the light. Up the wall. Over the furniture. Wherever he pointed it, she was after it. So, for the past 3 days, he's been pointing the light around for Emma to "play" with. But, last night, I guess DS finally grew tired of their game and he put the light away for awhile. Poor Emma! She literally walked around the house looking all over the place for it. She doesn't spend alot of time in the boy's bedroom, but, that's where they last played with the light. She was pacing around in there last night, just staring at the floor. That really kinda freaked us out, because, she was obviously searching so hard. After the kids went to sleep last night, I stayed up to finish a book I was reading. Around midnight, I heard Emma rustling around (she is normally fast asleep by then) and I went into the boy's room and found her there in the dark staring at the floor. Have we permanently scarred her? I mean seriously, I think she is addicted or obsessed or something. Maybe I should go back and read the laser light package, maybe there's some kind of warning on there or something. Hmmm...we'll see how she does today. Hopefully she will forget about it.



Laura said...

I'm laughing at the way you wrote it, but I really do feel terrible for your dog! It's like a friend suddenly disappeared!