Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A dress

Well, I broke down and bought a dress to possibly wear to my husband's 20 yr. high school reunion next week. As I mentioned in my previous post, I dread even going. But, it means alot to DH, so I have to go. (I've been kinda hoping I might come down with appendicitis or something, but, I realized that's a bad way to be thinking) I've just had such a case of the blah's and have been so down in the dumps. I really hate to complain and whine again in my post, so i'll try to stay positive. Back to the dress. I think it's so pretty and I generally feel good wearing these colors. But, I'm afraid maybe it's too busy (especially since I'm trying to camoflauge all the weight that I have gained since the last reunion, LOL). And, it's probably not as formal as most will be wearing. Anyway, here's a peek at the dress. It was very inexpensive. Now I think I should go splurge on some kind of wonder-garments that will hold everything in and push everything up, and some sexy little strappy heels...then maybe the dress will work;o)


Lisa said...

I really like it! I never wear colors or prints, but I always admire them on other people.
Black strappy heels will look fantastic with that dress, and I think cheap is're only wearing it one night! And it'll be 10 years before you see these people one will remember!

Pina said...

I like the colors of your dress! :) I think that you look very pretty in it! :)
And don't worry about the weight. People change over the years and nobody is perfect!

Kricket said...

Love Love Love the dress!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress, it's really pretty on you. :) Bren