Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beauty bargains

If you are a beauty junkie (like me) and love a good bargain (like me), go here and check out the great deals on their makeup. I've heard of this brand, but, haven't personally used it. At these prices, I'm gonna try it out. Plus, if you spend $15 or more, use coupon code CAROLINA to save even more.

Have fun shopping!


Daniela said...

Hey Kari,

I just read your post from Sunday about the dryer sheets. I never though to put one in college dudes shoes. I'm not even sure it would work, his shoes are the nastiest things. One time he left his shoes in my car after a race and I didn't know about it. It was August. It took several days and several bouts of (near) vomiting before it went away.

I have a chest at the end of my bed where I store linens and I keep dryer sheets in there. Then my linens always smell heavenly.

I'm intrigued by the bathtub trick. Do you just wipe it out with a dryer sheet? Is the tub wet? Dry? I need to know this...haha.

Have a good night.