Friday, May 23, 2008

Random ramblings

Today, took the dog for a haircut. Ran in Target for a quick gift card purchase. Went to 'Half-Priced Books' for their big Memorial Weekend sale. Everything in the store was 20% off. I bought twelve books and only spent $40; pretty good! Now, I have even more books to add to my piles and piles of 'to be reads'.I think I have a book addiction. And, a magazine addiction, too. My magazine stacks are getting out of hand. Went to the grocery, felt sick at how much I spent and how little I purchased. Then, on my way home stopped at my parents. They were kind enough to send some delicious strawberries our way. Aren't they pretty! And, they are so yummy, too. They went to a strawberry patch today and picked four gallons. I put a couple quarts in the freezer and the rest we are enjoying now.

These two little strawberries were almost too cute to eat. They were stuck together just like siamese twins.

Our oldest turned 15 yesterday. YIKES! I cannot believe he is 15. He's so tall and so handsome, and so funny. Of course, he can also be a total brat, but, whatta ya gonna do. We're having a little family get-together this weekend, I'll try to post some pictures after.

This is a set of prints that I recently bought on etsy. I bought some cheap mats/frames and hung them in our bedroom. They look great. Check out the etsy store here, she has some really cool art.

I'm seriously loving Netflix. We joined about two months ago and it has quickly become an addiction, too (like my books and magazines). Is it sad that there are over 150 titles in my queue? Here's a brief list of movies I've watched recently:

P.S. I Love You - Sad, funny, loved it
Dan in Real Life - LOVE LOVE Loved it! Loved the big, close-knit, fun family
Atonement - Hated it, thought it was boring, liked the surprise ending, though.
The Feast of Love - Great movie that made me cry
Lars and the Real Girl - Again, great movie that made me cry
Reservation Road - So sad, I could barely make myself watch it all
Juno - hmmmm..still can't decide, I think I liked it but it was a little strange
Gone Baby Gone - Pretty decent, Casey Affleck was good
Snakes on a Plane - Stupid, don't waste your time
Into The Wild - Loved it although it was totally depressing and sad
We Own The Night - Really liked it, I love Robert Duvall

Have you seen these? I picked one up at WalGreens the other week ago. It sounded kinda cheesy, but, let me tell you - it's awesome! It is very easy to use and it does really work. My feet are so soft and smooth. They run around $10 and you can also buy replacement blades for it. You should try it.

Now, I'm off to make a pot of coffee and clean my house. I don't know why, but, I always like to wait until night-time to clean house. I'm just a night owl. Always have been. When I worked as a nurse, I always worked night shift. I just seem to function better at night. Mornings make me grumpy. Have a happy and safe Memorial weekend!



Daniela said...

Wow lady, you have been busy. I have an addiction to movies too. But instead of renting I buy them. I go to blockbuster and buy 3/@20.00 deal. The thing is though, I rarely watch them. I have over 200 or so movies that are still in their wrappers. I guess I'm saving up for a huge cable outage. Anyway, have a great weekend. I'm coming over to eat strawberries, you don't live to far from me. I'll bring whip cream.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I just bought a ped egg a couple of weeks ago. I agree, it's AWESOME!

I've got a book addiction myself. I'm running out of room for them. Doesn't mean I'm going to quit BUYING them, though. lol I hate that you mentioned Half-Price books was having a sale. I've got this almost uncontrollable urge to hop in the car and head to the closest one. I love that place.

Anywho...We Own the that the one with Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix? I almost bought that when it came out on DVD, but didn't. You say it's good, though, huh? I may have to see that now. I KNEW it'd be good. Don't know why I talked myself out of buying it.

Those strawberries look totally yum-o. Not fair to post pictures when I don't have any handy to munch on. lol


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

The strawberries look delicious! I love them. I got a "special deal" in the mail from Netflix last week and it's sitting here on my desk, begging me to check it out. I think I'd really love it. Happy Birthday to your son!