Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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I am sick.

And scared.

We are in for change.

And, not for the better.

All I can do is pray.

My husband is a firefighter. As his company just went to the scene of a fire, they were greeted with gunfire and crowds of people in the street, yelling at them "we're in charge now Mother F*#%'ers". It's going to be a long night.

And a LONG four years!

All I can do is pray.


mommyholly said...

I feel exactly the same way!!!! This seriously scares me!! :( Hope your husband gets through this crazy nite without being too frazzled!!! xoxoxo

the pearson c.a.s.t. said...

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More, More, More said...

I hope your husband made it home safe and sound.

Jillian, Inc said...

Yeah - ain't it just wonderful? I'll bite my tongue before it gets ugly.

Rachel said...

Wow. I didn't vote for the president-elect, but I do respect him. If the people who met your husband's company would take about 3 seconds to analyze the situation, they would see Mr. Obama is NOTHING like them. He is everything they are not thanks to hard work, goals, and ambition. I truly believe he would have nothing but harsh words those...ahem, people.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Yowza. Hope your husband and his crew came back unscathed.

You probably already know what I think about the racial divide in this country. I think it's widening. It saddens me to think that skin color means more to some people than being an American. How could a person think the shade of their skin matters more than being a citizen in the greatest country on earth?
Racism used to be something whites did against blacks. Now we witness racism going both ways. I don't think that's what anybody intended to happen when we declared the need for equality. Where did we go wrong and how do we fix it? Sadly, we don't. Unless and until we - ALL of us - stop thinking skin color is our most important feature, racism will never go away. :(


Rue said...

I felt this was going to happen the whole time. If McCain had won there would have been riots and now this because Obama won. It was a lose lose situation before the votes were even cast.

I'm scared too Kari. I hope your husband is okay.


Jody said...

OK, so I just read this... I know I'm a month and a half late... But, wow, how did THIS not make the news?

Wait, don't answer that... Just a bit of what's to come, I'm afraid.

Thanks for following me in Twitter. I'll return the favor.