Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movie Trailer Tuesday - Feast of Love

Before I get to today's movie trailer, I would like to ask for your prayers and positive thoughts for my oldest son (15). He had an accident yesterday which caused an eye injury. After spending most of the night in the emergency room, they know there is a big scratch over three sections of his eye and that there is blood in his eye. We are going to a retinal specialist today for further evaluation. He is not allowed to eat or drink anything in case there is a tear or detachment with his retina and he would have to have surgery. As for how the accident happened, it was something very stupid and irresponsible - he and his friend (who lives across the street, we are friends of the family) were shooting paintball guns at a tree in the backyard. His friend, thinking that his gun was empty, started goofing off and shot it at my son's face. It hit him right smack-dab in the eyeball. I know it was unintentional but I am upset that he would be acting so carelessly with a paintball gun and that they did not have on their protective eye wear. It just shows how fast something can happen and I think they have learned a valuable lesson about responsibility. Please keep us in your thoughts that it is only a scratch and nothing more serious. I will keep you posted....

Now, on to the movie trailer. This is one of the first movies I rented from Netflix. It follows a group of people in Oregon and their experiences with love and loss. It's a sad one, make sure you have some kleenex handy. For you Twilight fans, you will be happy to see "Charlie" (Billy Burke) in this film, looking mighty fine, I should add. Oh, and it's definitely an "R" rated, grown-up movie.


Heather said...

Looks like a great movie. I'm adding it to our list. :)