Friday, May 14, 2010

Sugar Free Ring Pops Review

My kids LOVE candy, especially suckers, hard candy, chewy candy - that kind of thing. Often I worry about letting them have too much, so, recently I have tried to make an effort to reduce the amount of sugary treats they are allowed to have. One of their favorite candies has always been Ring Pops. I was happy to hear that Ring Pops now offers a sugar free version that is made with Splenda. We had the opportunity to try out the new Sugar Free Ring Pops and they were a hit! My kids didn't even notice a taste difference in the sugar free version and thought they tasted great.

Sugar Free Ring Pop is the ideal treat for today’s active kids. It’s a candy kids wear on their finger, so they never have to worry about dropping it.

Parents can now feel even better about giving Ring Pop to their kids because Sugar Free Ring Pop won’t cause cavities, has no fat, and has only 30 calories per great-tasting, long-lasting pop! Sugar Free Ring Pop is the perfect treat and comes in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry!

Look for Sugar Free Ring Pop at Wal-Mart stores nation wide.

Visit the official website for fun Ring Pop games and let us know what you think about Sugar Free Ring Pop on the Ring Pop Facebook fan page!

This post was written in conjunction with Ring Pops, who provided me with 2 bags of complimentary Sugar Free Ring Pop candy. No other compensation was received.