Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me And My Gangreen Thumb

You've heard the phrase "green thumb" right? Well, that definitely does not apply to me! Most every living plant or flower that has found itself under my care, has met an ugly, premature demise. I posted awhile ago about the beautiful jade plant that had thrived with my grandmother, and then my mother, only to wilt away and perish when it came to stay at my house. You might say that I have a "gangreen thumb."

Now, after my father's funeral last week, I find myself in possession of three new living plants: an azalea, a schefflera, and a hydrangea.

I'm feeling the pressure. I HAVE to keep these plants alive and well. The only other plant that I have in my house (that has actually been able to survive for quite awhile) is this tree and even it's not looking too great these days.

I know the picture is not very easy to see, but, it is a huge tree. It was given to us by my mother-in-law (who, of course, has a MAJOR green thumb). We have had it for about 4 years now. If this tree ever dies, I may be disowned by my husband and in-laws. Seriously. There was a fern incident a few years ago (also involving my mother-in-law) that nearly did me in. Here's how that went mother-in-law has always had big beautiful ferns at her home. When she was short on space, she gave one of her VERY LARGE ferns to us. Not to be unappreciative, but, I did not want the fern. I don't like ferns, they drop their leaves all over the place and make a mess, and, as mentioned earlier, the whole gangreen thumb issue would not bode well for the fern. But, because my husband wanted the fern that his mother had so lovingly offered to us, we took it. It stayed in our house for awhile and did okay. But, when it started dropping all those dang leaves every time any person or animal crept by, I couldn't take it anymore. We relocated it to the back porch. More time passed and, needless to say, the fern began to die. Once when my in-laws were over for a visit, the subject of the fern came up. My husband and I actually got into a verbal argument because I made it clear that I never wanted the fern. My mother-in-law took it all in stride and laughed, but, I think she was a little surprised at my pent-up hostility about the fern. Anyway, I never touched the dying fern again. It literally sat on our back porch (dead as a doornail) for over a year. My neighbors were even in on the story and knew of my disdain for ferns. They cracked up every time they looked over to see the dead plant sitting there. Long story short, I never want to own a fern again.

Now, I've gotten this crazy idea in my head that I'm going to attempt to grow a tomato plant (in a pot on my back porch). For some reason, I think that maybe I will enjoy growing vegetables more than caring for flowers. So, wish me luck in my quasi-gardening adventures. If I'm able to grow a tomato, I'll be sure and share a photo of us enjoying some yummy BLT sandwiches.


Pina said...

Azaleas and hydrangeas like cool shady places, so I suggest you find such place in your garden and plant them there. Don't cut hydrangea stems in autumn, but leave them until they start to get leaves in spring and then cut stems that have dried up. Both plants like acidic soil.