Saturday, July 3, 2010

Share Some Stuff Saturday

I'm dreaming of a Rocky Mountaineer trip. Go to the site and watch the video. The scenery is breath-taking and the food and accommodations look amazing...what a unique adventure it would be! I think they should give my husband and I a complimentary trip for our 20th anniversary next year. I would gladly blog all about it;o)

Have you heard of Gigi's Cupcakes? Maybe you have a franchise near you. We have one in Louisville and they have a wonderful selection of delicious cupcakes - and they are so pretty! The cupcakes are so big (really too big, I can never eat a whole one). It would be great if they sold mini cupcakes. Check out just a sampling of the yummy flavors: Apple Spice & Everything Nice, Chocolate Turtle, Hunka Chunka Banana Love, Key Lime, Pink Lemonade, Spumoni, Texas Milk Chocolate, Tiramisu, and many more. Each day they have a special menu of cupcakes.

You have to see these pictures of a Twilight-themed dinner party, posted over at the Hostess With The Mostess blog. Very neat! I especially love the cake.

Here's a fun and addicting little word game called Eight Letters In Search Of A Word. Perfect for you to play if you're bored or if you are procrastinating from things you should really be doing.

You know the saying "those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"...or something like that?  Well, here's a real glass house. I hope no one throws stones at it. It's pretty cool looking. I'm just not sure if I could take a bubble bath in a glass house. Just sayin'

Look at these amazing sand sculptures. Wow!

Have a happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

We do have a Gigi's and the icing is just as big as the cupcake!!!