Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grey Walls

On a whim, hubby agreed to paint our kitchen for me last week. We were laying on the couch one day and he said he needed to find something to do so that he wouldn't spend the entire day laying on the couch. I jokingly said, "well you could paint the kitchen" (never thinking he would agree) but he did. So, then I was scrambling, trying to decide on a paint color right there on the spot. I love grey and had been thinking about using it somewhere in the house. There's so many tones of grey, it was a hard choice to make. The first color I picked ended up being too light, so he went back to the paint store and had it darkened. I really love it!

It's a little difficult to really see the colors in these photos, but, here's a "before" and "after".

Before - our kitchen was a very, very pale seafoam-ish green (really it was so pale, it almost appears white).

After - it's now a medium shade of grey.

This was right after he finished painting, so the kitchen is not really put back together yet (no pictures or decor in place). Of course, now that the walls are a new color, I find myself wanting new light fixtures, new window treatments, and new rugs. My husband just sighed and said, "I knew this was gonna cost me more than just one day of painting."

While we're on the subject of the color grey, I thought I would share some beautiful grey rooms I've come across on the web. Aren't they lovely?

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Courtney Giles of Atlanta


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Abbott Houston

Coco + Kelley


Jenny said...

so pretty!

Diane said...

You have inspired me. I just moved and have a kitchen with oak cabinets and want to do the grey walls for a more sophisticated look without the expense. Thanks your kitchen looks great!

Anonymous said...

This look great what color gray is this?