Thursday, February 3, 2011

A List Of Rules I've Broken

I'm pretty much a by-the-book kind of person. I try to do the right thing and behave how I'm expected, blah blah blah. But, there are a few "rules" I've broken. Here they are:

1)  I have had snacks right before dinner, thus "ruining my dinner"
2)  I've had dessert BEFORE my meal
3)  I have exceeded the speed limit
4)  I have not turned off my cell phone in a "blasting zone"
5)  I have chewed gum in school
6)  I have talked and used my cell phone at the theater during the movie
7)  I have put my elbows on the table
8)  I have disobeyed the "3-second rule"
9)  I have worn white after Labor Day
10) I have lip synced "Happy Birthday To You" only pretending to sing
11) I have went to bed mad
12) I have left the house forgetting to brush my teeth
13) I have peeked at my Christmas present
14) I have talked with my mouth full
15) I have colored outside the lines
16) I have failed to "clean my plate"
17) I have machine-washed when the label said dry-clean only

You didn't know I was such a rebel, did you?  What are some everyday unspoken rules that you have broken?


Anonymous said...

I too eat snacks before dinner and I actually eat desert with my meal. I mean, I figure that it is all going down the same way. lol. :o)

Pina said...

We make our lives difficult to live with so many rules, don't you think? :)
It looks easy when I read your list, but to make mine... huh! The only rule that I really don't approve of being broken is driving through the red light. And guess what - I did that two times seven years ago...

Jenners said...

I've pretty much broken them all too ... except for the cell phone at the theater. That is a pet peeve of mine!!!