Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bar Hopping, Anyone?

I'm suddenly obsessed with these chic and glamorous cocktail/bar carts. We don't even consume mixed drinks, but I think something like this would look so fabulous in my dining room. I suppose I could stock it with spirits of the non-alcoholic variety and it would still look just as pretty.

images via Pinterest

I personally hate the taste of beer but I love these recycled beer glasses from Uncommon Goods. Very pretty.

This stainless steel cocktail tray is beautiful. It's at Crate and Barrel.

Maybe something like this French Sparkling Lemonade...very smart and sophisticated looking bottles and the kids could even drink it.

You can find lots of vintage bar ware and cocktail items on Etsy. (I just love browsing the vintage category, don't you?) Check out this silver ombre cocktail set, this art deco style cocktail shaker, and this bartender tool set. Always great stuff on Etsy!

Here's a long list of non-alcoholic drink recipes, a.k.a. mocktails. With names like Afterglow, Dot's Hot Spot, Virgin City Slicker, and Russian Denim, who can resist giving these drinks a try. They also have tons of recipes containing the real stuff, if you prefer.

Do you have a dedicated bar area in your home? What's your favorite cocktail (or mocktail)?



Whitney said...

Wow! Beautiful bar carts! I love them all!!!

My current favorite cocktail is Skinny Peppermint Cocoa Martinis. I got so in the mood for them over the holidays seeing all the ads for peppermint mochas at Starbucks and McDonalds. I made them "skinny" but you could swap the sugar free ingredients for real ones and they would be delicious.

Here is the recipe:

Paula Parrish said...

Hello Kari,
I don’t currently have a bar cart is our home. I do love the look of the carts in homes, they give a warm and inviting feeling.
Smiles, Paula

Smellyann said...

We technically have a wet bar in our home, but we use it for other storage. We barely drink, either. My favorite are fruity mixed drinks, especially a properly-made piƱa colada. Cheers!

JamericanSpice said...

Those look very nice. I don't have the space for it though.

I don't drink. I hate the taste of alchohol and believe me I've tried to see if I could like the taste.
I love fruit punch though :)


Upstatemamma said...

You can get the old fashioned, colored soda bottles. We have a few from our trip to Ethiopia and they are so pretty when the sun catches them.